Financial Programs

Financial Programs

Financial Programs that benefit community leaders, organizations and individuals.

Goodwill’s Poverty Simulation

What is this?

Goodwill’s poverty simulation experience helps participants understand what it might be like to live month-to-month in a low income family

Who can benefit from Goodwill’s poverty simulation?

  • Community leaders
  • Organizations who work with those who live in poverty
  • College and high school students
  • Individuals who want to gain a greater understanding of the affects of poverty

How can you support the program?

  • Sign up your organization to attend a poverty simulation
  • Refer other organizations who could benefit from the service
  • Volunteer to help Goodwill run the simulation
  • Financial support
  • In-kind support – i.e. donating space to provide the service, lunch for participants, etc.

Goodwill’s Financial Literacy Classes

What is this?

Financial literacy education for adults. This includes topics on goal setting, budgeting and basic personal finance.

Who can benefit from Goodwill’s financial literacy classes?

Anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding on how to manage their money

How can you support the program?

  • Invite Goodwill to speak to your established group (minimum of 5 participants)
  • Volunteer to teach various topics
  • Grants or other financial support
  • In-kind support – i.e. classroom space, access to technology
  • Donations for participants – i.e. basic supplies, snacks, lunch, bus passes, etc.

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