Good Deals

How Low Can We Go?

Every day there’s something different… you’ll find new merchandise and lower prices on everything from lightly used clothing to computers, housewares to handbags, books to boots and toys for tots.

For some, it’s an opportunity to find hidden treasures at amazing bargain prices. For others, it’s a source for the vitally important clothing and household goods that might be unaffordable in a conventional retail store.

For the community, our stores are a critical source of revenue that empowers hundreds of individuals challenged with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

We’re a retailer and recycler that puts good to work. So start shopping – helping your community never felt so good, and cost so little!

Good Deals Near You!

Military Monday Sale

Military Monday Sale

15% off all regularly priced merchandise with military ID every Monday!

Senior Day Sale

Senior Day Sale

15% off for seniors 60+ years every Wednesday!

Student Day Sale

Student Day Sale

10% off for students with student ID every Saturday!

Nifty Buck Fifty Sale!

Sale is on hold and cancelled until further notice in order to take precautions against COVID-19.

Color of the Week!

50% off all items/clothing with the Color of the Week tag!