Our Mission is Changing Lives, Transforming Communities

Barriers to employment exist for thousands in our communities who lack the skills or have significant mental and physical disabilities. Yet, for many, finding ways to learn and develop these skills has become increasingly difficult. Goodwill provides opportunities for individuals with barriers to enhance their lives.

Fortunately, there’s Goodwill. Our many Mission Services programs create opportunities for individuals to develop important skills, overcome barriers, and advance in the workplace. We give thousands of individuals in the 18 northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin counties we serve access to opportunities that change their lives.

Donations from individuals, companies and organizations are the first vital step in putting our Mission into motion. Sales of everything from lightly used clothing to computers, housewares to handbags, books to boots and toys for tots helps generate the revenue that powers our many Mission Services programs.

We’re on a Mission. Won’t you join us?